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    (Open) Learn and Memorize the Holy Quran
    Online Quran Teachers offers a variety of Online courses ranging from basic Arabic skills to advance Ijazah mode and more courses. 
    All teachers take the utmost care in developing the basic Arabic skill to build a sound ground that leads to the Ijazah course. 
    The courses are so simply designed and combined that the student feels no trouble at all in his learning time. The goal is that every student should be taught in such a way that he can be able to teach others anywhere, everywhere, online or on-premise. 
    We always aim and work hard in such a way that from the very first letter Alif till the last letter Seen, the Quality is the central and principal element.
    Not only the Quran is taught and memorized but also the Mattoon is being practiced in a very special methodology. The dream forms the reality when the student begins feeling the real light and Noor in his heart. 
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