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    (Open) Hey astronauts, find something with eyeballs or don't come back.

    All persons having sex are over 18. Is this story your cup of tea? It is very long and about a family kidnapped, held captive, and forced to have incest, oral, straight, anal, and lesbian sex.

    ^^^ December 24 ^^^

    "Jingle bells, jingle bells. Jingle all the way." The thin, young man sang in a jolly manner as he entered his house through the kitchen door. He was carrying a shopping bag.

    Two beautiful, dark-haired women sat in the adjacent family room. Each was topless and breastfeeding a three-month-old baby. They turned his way and smiled.

    "How is everyone this fine Christmas Eve?" he asked.

    "Good," the younger one responded.

    Before he took off his coat, the young man went to the beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the corner. He knelt, removed the wrapped boxes from the shopping bag, and placing them beside others under the Fraser fir tree.

    "What? More presents!" the older woman exclaimed.

    "Yes. More. And I bought these too," the nineteen-year-old said. He pulled a strand of small, cellophane-wrapped, candy canes out of the bag. He draped them on the tree. He ripped one off the length.

    He took off his coat, smiled at the breastfeeding women, and said, "When I was little, I loved that our Christmas trees always were decorated with candy canes. I'd sneak in and when no one was looking, pull one off and eat it. The boys can share this one when they're done with dinner."

    "They're too young to have candy," the mature woman said.

    The guy walked to her, unwrapped it, and playfully shoved it into her mouth. He said, "Then you can have it."

    She gave him a sultry look, reached out, put a hand on his crotch, and said, "I only like big candy canes."

    "I feel some sexual tension in the air," the younger woman teased.

    The adults laughed.

    A taped episode of a Christmas special played on the television. The man smiled and leaned over to kiss the mothers. He gave them a quick smack on the lips and said, 'I love you' to each woman.

    He reached out and groped the unoccupied, swollen breast of the younger one.

    "Behave," she objected playfully and pushed his hand away. She giggled and said, "I'll have your dinner on the table soon."

    "You don't have to cook. I'll have what he's having."

    dirty wonk

    The twenty-five-year-old laughed and said, "Brother, I've barely got enough milk for your greedy son." She removed the baby from her breast, and said, "All done? Good boy!"

    She gestured with her head to the other women and said, "You'd have better luck asking her. She produces milk like a champion Guernsey dairy cow."

    The man looked at the older female, raised his eyebrows, and asked, "Mom, may I have a taste?"

    She nodded, laughed, and said, "I have an opening at the titty bar. Your son is done feeding. He's only comfort nursing."

    "Give him to me, Mom," the daughter said, "I'll take care of them while you take care of their father."

    The young woman put a baby on each shoulder, stood, and walked away. She limped.

    "Are you okay, Sis?" the nineteen-year-old ask. "Did you get a charley horse from sitting with your leg tucked under you on the couch?

    "Something like that," she replied, giving him a mysterious, knowing smile. She waddled out of the room.

    The son knelt in front of his mother. He lifted a heavy, engorged breast, brought the nipple to his lips, and gently sucked. Warm milk flowed into his mouth. He suckled and swallowed.

    "Mmmm," he groaned. His tongue flicked across the rubbery projectile.

    "Oh!" she gasped. "You're making me wet!"

    The younger woman returned without the children, She paused, watched her brother and mother, and said, "You two are the biggest hornballs I know. Go upstairs and fuck. I'll watch the kids and make dinner. The two of you can make it up to me. When the kids are in bed for the night, it's the three of us in our king-size bed and I'm in the middle."

    "Deal," said the older woman.

    ^^^A year earlier. Another Christmas Eve^^^

    "What are you reading, Doofus? Let me guess. Is it the poem 'The Night Before Christmas'?" Alise said in a smart-alecky way.

    "Alise, don't talk to Isaac that way, " Joy scolded her daughter. "Honestly, are you really twenty-four-years-old and about to graduate from college?"

    "What else do you call someone who is doing schoolwork over winter break? Christ, it's Christmas Eve!" Alise said in her defense.

    "How about a scholar? Some of us take our studies seriously," her brother answered. He lowered his book, looked at his sister, and said, "Maybe I want to make something of myself. Maybe I don't want to go to some lame local university. If you studied more and partied less, maybe you wouldn't need six years to get through college."

    "Oh! I can't stand you!" the black-haired, young woman shouted at her brother. He was sitting beside her in the back seat of the family SUV. She twisted her body, reared back, and kicked him.

    "Ouch! Mom, Alise is showing me her panties again."

    "You wish," Alise said. She tugged her skirt down. It had ridden up when she kicked him. She curled her upper lip and taunted her younger brother by asking, "Are you still a virgin? Masturbation doesn't count."

    "Oh, for God's sake! You two will be the death of me," Joy, their mother, exclaimed. "Give it a rest."

    The forty-six-year-old, mother of two, turned her head and gave her children a disappointing glare. She faced forward and said to her husband, "Bill, are we there yet?"

    Bill laughed and said, "We would have been there by now if not for the snow. We have one more mountain to climb. We'll be at the cabin soon putting up our Fraser fir and enjoying the Christmas holiday."

    The father wanted to get rid of the bad ambience in the car. He asked, "Son, what are you working on?"

    "It's a project for my English class. I have to write a short story using the phrase 'It was a dark and stormy night'. Those seven words have become a laughing stock of literature for their melodramatic nature. I'm supposed to redeem them and write a story using them as my opening line."

    His mother said, "You could write something like this."

    She changed her voice and spoke in a deeper, more theatrical tone. She said, "'It was a dark and stormy night; The rain fell in torrents — except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness'."

    "That's so cool!" Isaac said. "You quoted the words from the original English novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton."

    She turned, smiled at her son, and said, "You know, I haven't always been a mom. There's a working brain under these delightful, black curls." She shook her head and used both hands to fluff her hair.

    "Christ! Hold on!" Bill shouted.

    A deer had bounded into the road. Bill slammed on the brakes, but a collision was inevitable. The car hit the large buck. Blood covered the hood and windshield. The car skidded on the snow-covered pavement and slid into a ravine.

    Alise screamed. Joy and Bill were pummeled by exploding airbags. The boy was too confused to make a sound. Thunder roared. A fork of lightning emanated from a dark cloud and struck a tall tree nearby.

    The car careened down the slope, breaking branches, running over the brush, and destroying small fir trees. It came to a lurching stop. Thankfully, it didn't strike anything substantial.

    The stunned occupants moaned. The punch from the airbag had disoriented the parents. Isaac was the first to speak. He asked, "Is everyone all right?"

    His sister whimpered, "My chest and shoulder hurt."

    "Mom? Dad? Are you okay?" Isaac grimaced as he unbuckled his seatbelt. His sternum and ribs were sore. He leaned forward to check on his parents. He touched his mother's shoulder.


    "I'm okay. Stunned and shaken," Joy said.

    "Ohh," Bill groaned.

    A flashlight swept across the car. A man standing on the road shouted, "Are you folks okay?"

    A large, bearded man appeared by the driver's side of the car. He peered inside. He opened Bill's door and surveyed the scene. He heard people moaning. He didn't see any blood. The occupants appeared stunned from the accident.

    The man asked, "Is everyone okay? Cell service is bad out here. I can't call for an ambulance. If you can walk, I can take you to my place. It's warm and dry and I have a First Aid kit."

    He shined the flashlight on all four of them and said, "I have supplies to deal with cuts and bruises. If your injuries are more serious, it'll be an hour's drive to a clinic."

    Bill gathered his wits and looked at his family. He saw three sets of eyes staring back at him. Everyone was conscious. They appeared lucid. He said, "That was quite a shock. I'm sure we're all bruised and sore. Thank goodness we had our seatbelts on. Is anyone hurt so badly they can't walk?"

    He heard a chorus of 'No's'.

    Bill turned to the man in the camouflage hunting coat and said, "We're lucky you came along. We'll take you up on your offer."

    The walk up the steep, snow-covered hill was difficult. Everyone helped each other and they made it.

    The man had a large, four-wheel drive, pickup truck. It was an older model with two rows of seats. The injured family climbed in. The parents up front. The kids got in the back.

    The man grabbed the deer by the antlers and threw the 180-pound carcass into the back of the truck. He said, "No reason to waste good meat."

    He got in the truck.

    Bill said, "My name is Bill. This is my wife Joy and these are our kids, Alise and Isaac."

    "Garrett," the gruff man said.

    "Thanks for helping us," Joy said.

    "It's the Christian thing to do. Besides, I could use the company. It's been a while since I've had guests," he said with a smile and a twinkle in his eyes.

    "It's a thirty-minute ride to my place. It's a bit off the beaten path."

    "Our holiday cabin is just up the road. Fifteen minutes away. On Beaver Trail," Bill said. "Would you mind taking us there?"

    Garrett started the truck and said, "I can't. The road is impassable. I was headed to my cousin's place. He lives up that way on Tall Tree Lane. The storm knocked down a big tree. It's blocking the road. I had to turn around. A road crew will be out tomorrow to clear it. I'll run you up then. That work for you?"


    Garrett drove down the mountain. He left the main road and turned on a narrow, paved lane in poor conditions. The next road was worse.

    Bill said, "Your old truck runs great. This is a '65 double cab with the 'six pack' body, isn't it?"

    "Yep," Garrett answered. "You know your trucks."

    "My grandfather had one. Trucks are in my blood. My brother, Dave, and I run a trucking company. Our fleet is made up of Peterbilt semis with a variety of box trailers."

    "They're the best."

    "I think so too," Bill responded.

    They'd been riding in the truck for about thirty minutes when they turned off a small county road, crossed a stream, and drove the final minutes on a rutted, dirt road.

    Bill said, "I see why you need this truck. This isn't much of a road."

    "Yeah. My place is hard to get to. How long were you folks planning to stay at your mountain cabin?"

    "Two weeks. Though I teased my brother that I might stay for two months," Bill answered with a laugh.

    Joy said, "You should take more time off. You've been working too hard."

    The truck came to a stop in front of an old mountain cabin. Garrett said, "She doesn't look like much, but this is my home, sweet home."

    He led them onto the rickety front porch illuminating their way with his large flashlight. He swung open the door and said, "Give me a second, I'll light the lanterns."

    He went inside and lit a few kerosene lanterns. They gave off a soft glow that suited the rustic cabin. The family saw one big open room with a large fireplace. There was an old sofa, a pair of rocking chairs, and a table and chairs set in the corner designated the kitchen area. The sink had a hand pump.

    Two doors in the back wall led to small bedrooms.

    "Come on in," he said. "I'll get the First-Aid kit, some towels, and water."

    Garrett gathered the supplies and put them on the kitchen table. He pumped some water into a large bowl. Joy examined her family. They were all sore and bruised. She and Bill had abrasions on their arms, chest, and face from the airbags

    While she tended to everyone, Garrett got a fire started. The flickering flames made strange shadows on the walls. The heat it generated warmed the room.

    He placed a jug on the table and said, "This is moonshine. It cures whatever ails you. It'll settle your nerves and make you forget all your aches and pains."

    He found four mismatched glasses and poured two inches of clear liquid into each of them.

    Bill said, "I certainly could use a drink."

    Alise's hand shot out, she grabbed one, and lifted it to her nose. It had a strong alcohol scent and smelled a bit like turpentine.

    "It's been a while since I've had moonshine," Joy said nostalgically. She lifted the glass and studied the liquid. It was crystal clear.

    "Can I?" Isaac asked.

    "Yes, son," his father answered, "After what we've been through, I think we all deserve a drink."

    The family drank. The cool liquid burnt their throats. A warm feeling spread across their faces, down their throats, and to their chests. Five minutes later, they were all unconscious.

    Garrett picked them up one at a time and carried them into an old barn which he'd converted into a holding cell. He stripped them down to their underwear.

    Two thick chains lay on the floor. One end was attached to large, metal bolts in the wall. The other end was shaped like a 'Y'. The double ends branched off and attached to leg bands on the prisoners. Mother and son were on one chain. Father and daughter were on the other.

    The jailer gathered up their wallets, phones, clothing, shoes - all their belongings - and left. Before he stowed them away, he turned off their cell phones.


    "Oh!" Isaac groaned as he woke. His head hurt. He brought a hand to his brow and opened his eyes slowly. He was surprised to discover he was nearly naked. All he had on was his underwear.

    He looked around and saw his mother, father, and sister were with him. They were asleep or unconscious and they too were only wearing their undergarments.

    He moved and heard the clinking sound of a metal chain. He looked down and saw that he had a metal band around his left ankle. It was connected to a large, heavy chain. An offshoot of the 'Y'-shaped chain went to the band of steel around his mother's right ankle. The other end was connected to a large eye-bolt embedded in the wall.

    His father and sister were similarly restrained by a second chain.

    "Mom! Dad!" he cried out.

    He touched his mother's shoulder, shook her, and called out, "Mom. Wake up!"

    His eyes grew wide as he looked at his mother. Her eyes were closed. She lay on her back. He saw that she was breathing. Her chest rose and fell. Her large breasts were encased in a bra. The tops of her boobs were tanned and freckled. She had on white underwear. There was a dark shadow at the juncture of her legs. He guessed that was her pubic hair.

    His mother stirred. The others did too. His father's eyes opened slowly. He rubbed his forehead. Alise's eyes opened a fraction of an inch. She peeked out and whined, "What'? Why are you shouting?" Her toned indicated that she was annoyed over being awakened.

    "Oh," Joy moaned. Her eyes opened slowly. She lifted herself off the floor and stood unsteadily. Her eyes grew wide as she surveyed the scene.

    "What the hell?" his father said. He too rose off the floor and looked around.

    Alise, with fear in her voice, said, "What's going on?" She stood and asked, "What happened to our clothes?" She brought her arms up, crossed them over her breasts for warmth, comfort, and modesty.

    Her nervousness and sense of embarrassment caused Isaac to look at her. He stood. He'd never paid much attention to her figure. She was his sister. The annoying older sibling who treated him like shit. He realized that she had a nice body. Fit. Firm. She was tall. From the glimpses he got of her breasts, she had a nice rack. It was encased in a lacy, pink bra. Below, she had on small, pink, bikini-style panties.

    He thought, "Her panties are cut so low if she had normal pubic hair, half of her triangle would be exposed. She must shave."

    The panties were tight around her hips. She fidgeted and turned to survey the room.

    When he saw her backside, he said to himself, "I bet she regrets wearing those underpants. They only cover half her ass."

    Having looked over his sister, he turned his attention to the other attractive, scantily clad woman in the room. She too had black hair. Alise's was long, wavy, and reached halfway down her back. His mother's hair was curly and cut shorter. It reached her shoulders.

    His mother wasn't as tall or slim as the daughter. Alise had a tight body. She was hot. His mother had nice curves. She wasn't fat, but she had bigger, rounder hips, a full ass, and larger boobs. She looked soft and sexy.

    Isaac said, "I woke up and found us here."

    "Someone stripped and chained us," Joy said.

    Isaac said, "Do you think Garrett drugged us and brought us here?"

    "That bastard," Bill said with venom. He shouted, "Garrett! Garrett! Remove these chains now and take us to our cabin."

    A door opened behind Bill. Garrett entered the room wearing a Batman mask. He chuckled. Bill and his family turned toward the sound.

    Bill said in a stern voice, "Let us go."

    Garrett said. "Or what? It appears to me that I hold all the cards."

    "This ends now," Bill demanded.

    Garrett shouted, "This ends when I say so."

    Bill charged the mountain man. His quick, forceful movement caused Alise to fall as her chained leg was pulled out from under her.

    "Hey! Ouch! Ouch!" she screamed. She fell on her butt. Her father dragged her across the floor until he realized his action was hurting his daughter.

    Garrett laughed and said, "Bill, you need to be careful. Mom, you too. The health and welfare of your children are at risk if you don't do as I say. No one knows that you're here. Scream and make a ruckus if you want. There is no one around for miles."

    He smiled wickedly and said, "No one is looking for you. I own a tow truck. It's amazing how trusting people whose vehicles have broken down are when I pull up and offer to help. Many an inhabitant of this room has been secured that way. But I digress.

    "What I want to tell you is that I used my tow truck to retrieve your car. It's in the back. No one will spot your car in the ravine and come looking for you.

    "I also used your phone to text your brother. I let him know you arrived safely and that you love the place some much, you decided to extend your stay for a full month. Maybe in a couple of weeks, I'll send him another text and say you'll be taking two months."

    He gave them a steely look and said, "Do as I say and you live. Defy me and you die." He placed the two buckets he was carrying on the floor, turned on his heels, and left the room. He locked the door.

    The Curtis family looked at one another. Their faces showed their range of emotions: Bill was angry, Joy was worried, and the children were very, very scared.

    The kids went to their mother. She hugged and tried to be strong for them. Bill studied the room. It was a bare space with no furniture. The room was fourteen feet by twelve feet. There were no windows. It had a wood floor. The space was well lit by a series of overhead lights. Their prison had a high ceiling and wooden walls. One wall appeared to be a sliding door. It was secured by a large padlock